My Passion Profile FAQ's

  1. What is My Passion Profile?

    My Passion Profile helps you recognize your deepest passions and distinguish them from your interests. We'll have you pick three areas of interest and answer questions about them, in order to assess where you are the most passionate.

  2. Can My Passion Profile help me identify my passions?

    My Passion Profile does not tell you what your passions are; because passions come and go inside of us, My Passion Profile can only help you distinguish the issues you possess the greatest amount of passion for, and assess what you tend to do on behalf of them. My Passion Profile will separate your top issues from other areas of interest and curiosity. In short, this tool guides your search and narrows your focus.

  3. How many areas of passion can I measure with My Passion Profile?

    My Passion Profile lets you choose and assess three areas of passion. After you answer questions, My Passion Profile highlights what you're most willing to sacrifice for, spend time on, recruit others for, and act upon.

  4. What if I don't have a passion in my life?

    At times, you may believe you have no passions at all in your life, other than survival. We believe that as we mature, we ought to get beyond survival and self-absorption, to contribute to the world in a way that lights a fire in our souls. If you are having trouble choosing passions, we suggest you examine the ones we've listed and take a stab at choosing some areas that intrigue you and could become passions in your life.

  5. What do I do once I recognize my passions?

    Once you review your report, you will want to respond in a handful of ways:

    • Find others who have a similar passion (see the discussion board).
    • Identify how you naturally pursue your passions, then find people who complement your style and balance your approach.
    • Take at least one action step toward serving in your highest passion area.

  6. Why don't I see passions like sports, film-making, or other common interests in the assessment?

    Interest-based passions are like hobbies-activities we pursue for enjoyment. Most people don't need an assessment to know how much they like baseball or photography (interest-based passions). Issue-based passions are causes that give us a sense of fulfillment. They help fuel your purpose in life and define the legacy you leave behind, and is focused on helping you reality-test and page-rank your issue-based passions.

    Some passions are commonly referred to as "causes" when they are actually important means (methods or tools) used to produce some other end (result or goal). For example, leadership is not an end in itself but an important means to some other end. The same could be said of politics or mentoring. If you choose one of these passions to include in your profile, we encourage you to give specific thought to the bottom line (end) you want to produce through the means you have chosen (method).