About My Passion Profile

A Few More Details

MyPassionProfile.com will ask you ten questions. Your responses will help gauge your level of passion for up to three issues.

Using your Login ID and password, you can retake the assessment as many times as you want at no
additional charge.

There is no time limit for the assessment. Carefully answering all of the questions will take around thirty minutes. You will NOT be able to save your responses to finish later, so make sure you have enough time when you start.

1. Can My Passion Profile help me identify my passions?

My Passion Profile does not tell you what your passions are; because passions come and go inside of us, My Passion Profile can only help you distinguish the issues you possess the greatest amount of passion for, and assess what you tend to do on behalf...

2. Why don't I see passions like sports, film-making, or other common interests in the assessment?

Interest-based passions are like hobbies-activities we pursue for enjoyment. Most people don't need an assessment to know how much they like baseball or photography (interest-based passions). Issue-based passions are causes that give us a sense of fulfillment...

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